Guitar Effects Buying Guide. I smashed the thing into itsy bitsy pieces a few days later. If I do get one that will last me a while, I would like one that has: The action is not weighted, though. While I agree the Casio ain’t ‘pro’ equipment, it’s definitely good beginner gear. Dont go with the casio.

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Casio WK-3000

You can casio wk 3000 waveforms for tones that are totally different from the built-in tones, and customize the keyboard to your own specific needs. Originally posted by coyote The low, mid-low, mid-high, and high bands can be configured to suit virtually any type of music. Only advantage to casio imo is a basic yet very odd and funky unto itself synth function.

The WK sounds are entirely new, very robust, and the casio wk 3000 sound superior to those of the yamaha.


The key feel is a synth action. See All Casio wk 3000 Portable Keyboards. I wouldn’t be opposed to that route if theres deals to be had in quality and resale value They can be fun.

Casio WK | Harmony Central

Pretty good for keyboard that price. Guitar Effects Buying Guide. Login or Sign Up. Folk Instrument Buying Guides.

Save songs in memory, expand sounds with flash ROM, download casio wk 3000 through the internet, read music off the backlit LCD, and much, much more. It was a very good start.

I do NOT think casio wk 3000 regret buying it. I’d suggest check local stores used keyboard dept as better route though. The DGX has 8 mb of sounds. If you change the Casio wk 3000 country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination.

The sound source adds dynamic changes to sustained tones, providing greater expressive versatility. Accessories For Marching Band.

Casio WK key Portable | Musician’s Friend

While I agree the Casio ain’t ‘pro’ equipment, it’s definitely good beginner gear. Is there anything you would recommend as a better choice, and if so, why so? Casio wk 3000 drawbar organ function provides realistic reproduction of rich drawbar organ sounds that have long been popular with musicians everywhere. In the best case, you’ll learn on it for a couple years, move up to ‘pro’ gear, and sell or donate the Casio!

It just depends what you like the look, sounds, feel, operation and interface of the most. It is more like a synth action casio wk 3000 much more weighted, so it doesnt feel casio wk 3000 synth keys.

New enhancements make the improved ZPI Sound Source better than ever, providing you with professional sound for all your keyboard efforts. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. User memory area for storage of up to setups created using digital drawbars that control the level of each foot setting, percussive, and more. I had a WK for a couple years.

Then all rhythm functions ceased. It’s also image issue.

Casio Wk-3000 Pro Digital Keyboard Recording 76-key Synthesizer Studio Quality

Also, to add onto my post before, the action is semi weighted, but, it 0300 casio wk 3000 hammer semi weighted. The action is not weighted, though. The lower half of the keyboard simply stopped functioning one day.